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About You Farm

Our farm had its humble beginnings in 2015 when we started cultivating hydroponic lettuce and herbs in our home garage. The following year, in 2016, we took a significant leap by acquiring an overgrown dirt lot in Loxahatchee, Florida. Through hard work and dedication, we transformed it into a highly popular destination in South Florida, attracting thousands of families. Since then, our farm has experienced remarkable growth, with a devoted following of well over 30,000 customers. We became a hub for hosting numerous impactful events, such as Christmas on the Farm, Pumpkin Patch, Sunflowers Patch, Field Trips, Seafood Festival, Vintage Barn Sale Days, Easter Festival, and many other exciting occasions.

Today, You Farm has undergone a rebranding with a core focus on empowering others to follow our path. We are dedicated to educating families on how to farm at home and promoting our core F.E.E.L. values: Farm - Eat - Exercise - Live. We believe in showcasing the immense impacts of these core values, demonstrating how farming, whether at home or in a community setting, can lead to smarter eating choices, improved exercise habits, and ultimately, a better quality of life. Additionally, we are committed to supporting others in farming at home and forging connections with local farmers.

To fulfill our mission, we provide valuable consultation services to support local farms in boosting their revenue streams through Agritourism. The concept of Agritourism is straightforward: farmers build a farm and extend an invitation to the public, creating opportunities for additional income. This fosters healthy and symbiotic relationships between families and farmers alike. Unfortunately, many farmers are still unaware of this potential revenue stream. At You Farm, we not only assist these farms in establishing a strong local presence and brand but also play a crucial role in preserving farmland and open spaces across the country. Our efforts contribute to the sustainability of farms and their vital role in the community.

Our Mission

At the core of our mission lies an unwavering commitment driven by profound motivation. We are fueled by an ardent desire to cultivate moments of joy and togetherness for families, achieved through engaging and purposeful outdoor events. It's not merely a pursuit, but a passion that ignites us.

One facet of this passion is our eagerness to impart knowledge across the spectrum of sustainability, stewardship, and essential outdoor life skills. We believe in the power of education, equipping individuals and families with the tools to connect with and care for the environment. 

Our dedication extends to empowering landowners and farmers with the insights to diversify their income streams through innovative agritourism ventures. We imagine a scenario where fruitful pursuits of Agritourism blend seamlessly with treasured farming passions and empower farmers to nurture what they love and share what they do.

The preservation of farmland and open spaces resonates deeply within us, representing a mission that ignites our deepest passion. We stand as staunch advocates for the protection of these invaluable resources. 

Though we strive everyday to save our farm land we understand the need for development. In our collaborative endeavors with developers, we aspire to redefine the trajectory of community expansion. Our vision extends beyond bricks and mortar; we aspire to kindle new neighborhoods that coalesce with the land, embracing nature rather than conquering it. Offering residents a new kind of development. 

In the end, the core of our mission resonates most powerfully when families enter farms and agricultural neighborhoods, forming lasting memories.


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