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Welcome to You Farm, where we specialize in empowering families to embrace farming at home. Our consulting services cater to families living in communities or with limited land, enabling them to cultivate their own produce, enjoy fresh harvests, and adopt a sustainable lifestyle focused on whole foods and exercise. 

Moreover, our goal of connecting select families with Host Farms goes beyond just farming at home. It creates a symbiotic environment where  families can become part the farm. This fosters a mutually beneficial relationship, supporting the farm's growth and enriching the experiences of families involved in the farming and agritourism process.

What it Agritourism? Simply put it's a farm that opens its gates to the public to enjoy and learn all about what they do. It's a way for farmers to generate additional income and get really creative on how to share their nostalgic space. 

What it a Host Farm? You Farm created,  Host Farms welcome select families to participate in their farming and agritourism operations.These families offer financial support, labor, safety assistance and more. Once established we call your collective group a "You Farm Community" . Trade, barter and collaborate with other You Farm Communities and create a safe place that will sustain you and your family.

Our Services:

  1. Home Farming Workshops:

    • Engaging workshops for families to learn essential farming skills.
    • Gain knowledge on sustainable living and outdoor life skills.
    • Cultivate whole foods and promote healthier eating habits.
  2. Customized DIY Farming Plans:

    • Personalized farming plans for families with limited land or space.
    • Year-round crop selection guidance for diverse and bountiful harvests.
    • Learn to create a sustainable and thriving home garden.
  3. Expert Guidance and Support:

    • Access to experienced consultants for personalized advice.
    • Ongoing support and assistance throughout your home farming journey.
    • Troubleshooting solutions for common challenges.
  4. Community Connections:

    • Dedication to pairing select families with our designated HOST Farms.
    • Form a mutual relationship between farmers and families.
    • Join a Farm Community with 5 to 10 families per HOST Farm.
  5. Host Farm / Community Collaboration:

    • Each unique family in the Farm Community brings different skill sets.
    • Trade and barter with fellow Farm Community members.
    • Collaborate on events and activities with other communities.

You Farm's Role: We take pride in ensuring the organization of these Farm Communities and assisting with planning and setting up events. Our focus is to foster strong and self-sufficient communities where families learn, grow, and thrive together. Whether it's trading produce, sharing outdoor skills, or hosting fun events, You Farm is here to support and enrich the experience for all members.

Contact Information: Ready to begin your journey to sustainable home farming and community collaboration? Contact us today or check out some of our video from You Farm Films.

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  • Phone: (561) 315-7410

Join us at You Farm as we empower families to embrace farming at home, connect with our HOST Farms, and cultivate sustainable and thriving Farm Communities. Together, we'll sow the seeds of self-sufficiency and reap the rewards of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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