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Smart Restore Multivitamin (Pre-Order NOW) 1 month supply

Smart Restore Multivitamin (Pre-Order NOW) 1 month supply

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What sets this multivitamin apart?

Traditional multivitamins have never been scientifically proven to enhance health or prevent diseases measurably. Typically, they aim to cram "everything" into a single pill, often in quantities too vast for effective absorption.

Furthermore, the origins of these vitamins and minerals often involve unstable compounds that can lead to inflammation. Imagine spending your hard-earned money only to inadvertently compromise your health!

Meanwhile, pervasive deficiencies contribute to a progressively unhealthier population. This leads to side physical and emotional side effects that often result in pharmaceutical drugs.  Unfortunately, today's diets are less balanced, and soil is more depleted than ever in history. So, what's the solution?

YouFarm has teamed up with physician-scientists to develop a multivitamin specifically addressing the most common deficiencies found in North American diets. We've created a highly absorbable and well-balanced formulation. It's not meant to be an all-encompassing supplement, as we firmly believe certain nutrients should only be derived from whole foods. However, we're confident that our balanced supplement will succeed where others have fallen short, promoting a healthier and happier you.

You Farm Co. seamlessly integrates with our range of supplements, providing you with opportunities to cultivate a healthier lifestyle for both you and your family. Our core value, F.E.E.L - Farm, Eat, Exercise, and Live, encapsulates the comprehensive approach to achieving a healthier you.

(Pre-orders now available) Estimated delivery date: 1/1/2024

For our initial manufacturing run, we will have limited quantities available. We strongly advise securing your order today to be among the first to make a significant stride toward a healthier lifestyle.

What's included in the bottle

60 Capsules (1 Month Supply) 

Formula includes but not limited to:

  • Vitamin K2
  • Royal Jelly Powder
  • Copper Chelate
  • Magnesium Glycinate
  • MCT Oil 
  • Ginger Root
  • Vitamin D3
  • Zinc
  • Lemon Balm


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